Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How to register on
    1. Registration on is very easy.
    2. Click the REGISTER button and fill out the desired data. It is advisable to enter your details in CAPITAL letters. It is advised to Enter mobile no. of parents. Enter correct EMAIL id.
    3. Upload your Government ID as Verification Proof i.e. Aadhar Card (note down that only Aadhar Card will be valid for this, no other ID will be accepted for verification.).
    4. Out team will review the ID, if your name and ID are not matching, profile will be rejected in straightway.
    5. Click in the box : I accept Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
    6. After completing all entries, again click on the 'REGISTER' button.
    7. It may show error : Please correct the following errors.
    8. Correct the EMAIL ID or Other errors and again on the 'REGISTER' button.
    9. After this, you have to UPLOAD your photo.
    10. CROP the photo
    11. Click on CONTINUE button.
    12. Fill Your life style and Appearance (You may skip here)
    13. You will get the following message: Congratulation you are registered now. We have sent you a verification email. Please verify your account.
    14. Check your mail and verify the mail you got.
    15. You account will be reviewed by our team and it will be activated within 48 Hours.
    16. You may login after activation of your account. If IDs and other data were found incorrect, account will remain inactive.
  2. May I register my account on behalf of a relative or a friend?
    1. No. You will not be able to do so. It is illegal to do registration of third party.
    2. Although some matrimony websites allow this type of data entry. But our terms and conditions are against this. There should be exact matching of Name, Father’s Name with the Aadhar Card. 
  3. What are the advantages of registering on Do I purchase something FREE?
    1. All features are totally FREE. We are promoting our website.
    2. This time we have no any type of PAID plan. You may use it free of cost. No need to purchase anything. You get uncountable FREE services once you register on 
  4. What charges I have to pay after PROMOTIONAL PERIOD?
    1. If compensates its developing, maintenance and other expenses with ADVERTISEMENT fee, you have to pay nothing in future. It will be our most objective to provide the FREE services.
    2. But we cannot prevent the unavoidable circumstances. Payment plan will be displayed, if you like to remain on the site, you may choose any cheap and best plan or you may leave the
  5. May I avoid the mandatory fields during registration?
    1. No. All the mandatory fields have to be compelled to be stuffed so as to complete the registration and marital profile creation method.
    2. These mandatory fields give essential data regarding you to different members who read your profile.
  6. May I modify my EMAIL ID?  No.
  7. My caste/ mother tongue/ profession is not listed in the registration page. 
    1. Send us your details at  
    2. We will try at our best but don't guarantee that your suggestion are going to be accepted, we'll strive our greatest to make sure that it will.
  8. Whereas registering I came upon a matter that asked me whether or not I am a Manglik. What is the meaning of Manglik?
    1. Manglik may be a criteria determined by the position of the celebs at the time of your birth. It is usually calculated mistreatment the date of birth, time of birth and also the Janam Patri (Horoscope).
    2. Manglik usually implies that the area unit some negative forces of matrimony that influence your life. Within the case of Hindu weddings, it's most well-liked if a Manglik boy enters into a marital alliance with a Manglik woman and the other way around, the speculation being that two negatives create a positive. The Manglik choice is very important to solely those that area unit explicit regarding horoscopes. If you 're unsure regarding whether or not you are a Manglik then you'll choose the 'Don't Know' choice as a solution.
  9. What's a Profile ID? Is it important?
    1. A Profile ID unambiguously identifies your profile on
    2. Each member of incorporates a distinctive Profile ID. The Profile ID seems at the highest of each profile. If your Profile ID were ABCD then it'd seem as 'ABCD's Profile'. Your Profile ID is additionally used once you login to 
  10. Whereas registering, I got a mistake message that says that my email address is already registered with which I need to specify another email address. Why this happens?
    1. Every profile announce on is related to just one distinctive email address. You'll have received this error message as a result of you or somebody else has already announce a marital profile mistreatment this email address.
    2. If you're thinking that your email address is getting used by somebody else, please do send us associate degree email from the e-mail address that's underneath rivalry and allow us to understand. For any type of problem:-